Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My own body (not facial) scrub

I was bored one day a few weeks ago and decided to make my own body (not facial) scrub. I didn’t really measure or anything but I used roughly
3 parts white “table” sugar,
2 parts sea salt (not fine and not course grain, kind of in between) and
1 part extra-virgin olive oil.

Every other day or so I scrub my arms and legs with this in the shower and it seems to be doing a decent job of exfoliating rough and dry skin, which is what makes you ashy if you have a darker complexion (I’m fair skinned but it’s the same problem.) Anyhoo, it’s no miracle cure, but it was cheap and easy to make and I figure if find myself trapped in my bathroom for like a week (who knows, it could happen!) I can always eat it to stay alive.

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